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Advanced users only! Working in Parallel Mode

Working in parallel mode can cause inconsistencies in your Workspace or Model. As a consequence, we do not recommend working in parallel mode! Please see Copy Workspaces that are used by another User to avoid these issues.

Possible consequences can be

  • Lost charts

  • Inconsistencies in tabs

  • Conflicts when editing charts and sheets

When using this mode, we recommend to use it as a read-only mode and to avoid any changes in the model/workspaces

Open Parallel Mode

Select the Workspace or Model you want to work on. If another user is already using the interface, Valsight will show a message prompting you to either create a copy of the Workspace or Model to work in or to force the other user out of the interface. We strongly recommend choosing one of those options, since they avoid inconsistencies!

If you still want to work in parallel mode, press "Shift + A" to show the hidden option. Selecting "Yes, open in parallel mode" allows you to simultaneously work inside of the Model or Workspace.

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