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Deployment overview

This page gives you an overview how Valsight fits into your landscape.

Recommended Setup: SAML & reverse HTTPS Proxy

The application is shipped as a ZIP file. To run on Linux hosts, you need to install an JDK in Version 8. 

On Windows hosts, Valsight uses an integrated AdoptOpenJDK 8.

The following picture shows an architecture overview.

Variations of this deployment are possible, please talk to the Valsight support team to find out if your specific case is supported.

Example configurations are outlined in the On-Premise Installation Guide.

Pre-Authentication Setup

In the Pre-Authentication Setup the reverse proxy does the authentication and marks the requests as being pre-authenticated. It also supplies the username.

Valsight is configured to trust this information. Therefore its absolutely critical that all other access, except than through the reverse proxy, is disallowed.

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