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Edit a Dimension: Add a level in the middle

While adding a level at the end is straight forward, by simply adding it at the end, editing one in the middle needs a few more steps.

Levels are organized by their distance to the "ALL" level, the highest one being level 1. Suppose you have 2 two level hierarchies and want to add one in the middle.

Follow these steps:

  • In the config UI, find "Projects", "Dimensions", and the second level.  Edit the distance to root of this level, and change it to 3.
  • Now change the Excel file and include your level in the middle, and update the former 2nd level to have the distance 3. (e.g. change 2ndlevel=DIM[Dimension,Level,2] to 2ndlevel=DIM[Dimension,Level,3])
  • Upload the new Excel file. No error should occur.
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