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Introduction to Valsight

Valsight is a flexible tool for value driver-based performance management. It enables the value driver-based simulations in enterprise performance management, specifically tailored to the needs of the finance function. The tool allows you to gain new insights by focusing on your company’s value drivers, improve your financial planning and take measures for the future based on multiple driver-based simulations. Valsight can be used in different areas of the performance management field: simulation based planning, graphical financial modelling, analysis and reporting, risk adjusted planning or working capital management. You can also build your own business cases in Valsight, for example an NPV calculation for an investment case.

The key concepts in Valsight are value driver models and simulations. Value driver models define the calculation logic of a project using multi-dimensional operations and connect it with data sources. Simulations are a powerful approach to calculate different scenarios based on a list of assumptions that modify the original data and are always calculated using the model logic so that all results are consistent and available in all dimensions.

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