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Assumption Effects

When working with assumptions, a central workflow is to analyze the effect an individual assumption has on your overall plan. You can do this in multiple ways by looking at

  • an Assumption Bridge that explains the delta between two scenarios showing the effects of assumptions

  • the effects of an assumption in charts and tables

In the following, we will explain how to analyze the effects of assumptions in charts and tables. 

You can select "Show Assumption effects" for any chart. This allows you to display the assumption effects using line and bar charts or tables.

  • The chart will display the effect of your selected assumption(s)

  • The subtitle of the chart will show an indication that you are seeing the individual effect of an assumption

Calculation Logic

The effect of an assumption is calculated by taking the delta between

  • the selected scenario with the assumption

  • the selected scenario without the assumption.

It does not matter if the assumption is actually active in the scenario as part of the selected scenario. In any case, the calculated effect will be the same. Due to cross-effects between assumptions, the value of an assumption can differ depending on the selected scenario.

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