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Configure Units

Valsight allows an administrator to configure additional units, which are globally available in the system.

Navigate to the unit section in the configuration interface to find a list of all available units.

The default list of units looks similar to this overview.

Detailed configuration options

Config entryDetails
NameThe name of the unit as shown in the inspector and dropdowns.
Short signThe symbol of the unit as shown in tables and charts.
Unit PlacementShow the symbol before or after the value ($10 vs 10€). A 'none' placement will omit the symbol if possible (useful for FTEs and other quantities).

The default scale for the unit. E.g. 12345678€ with a scale of 'm' (Million) will show up as 12.345678 m€ in charts and tables.

  • %: Percent
  • s: Single
  • k: Kilo / Thousand
  • m: Million
  • b: Billion

This setting can be overwritten by the scale set in the node, chart or table.

Decimal Places

The default number of decimal places for this unit. E.g. 1.23456€ with 2 decimal places will show up as 1.23€ in charts and tables.

This setting can be overwritten by the decimal places set in the node, chart or table.

Unit TypeAssign units to a unit type. If in doubt, use scalar. Valsight bases validations and checks on this unit type, e.g. by checking that different unit types are not used in additions without conversions.

Force scale (before 3.6.0)

Prior to 3.6.0 instead of scale and decimal places a force scale setting was used.

Config entryDetails
Force scale

If set to a specific scale, all values in this unit will be shown on that scale, regardless of automatic scale settings. For example:

Percentage values→ never show as "kilo-%" or similar

EUR values → no force scale set, automatically decide whether to show "K EUR" or "M EUR"

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