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Copy / Migrate Workspaces to New Models

How to define a new underlying model for an existing workspace.

You need administrative rights for this task.

If you have spent a lot of time creating a detailed workspace, you might also want to use this workspace (at least as a guideline) when working on a new model. Therefore, you have the option to copy (or more precisely migrate) an existing workspace onto a new model. 

In the overview of your created workspaces, select the one that you want to migrate by opening the settings of the model via the three-dot menu. The settings will show which model the workspace is currently based on. 

Copy workspace to a new model

  1. Press the 'Valsight settings' button in the menu on your left-hand side. You will enter the system configuration in a new tab.
  2. There, click on "Projects" for further configuration options.
  3. Select the project in which your workspace and model are and select "Show models". Then choose the underlying model of the workspace that you want to migrate to a new model. You can see all workspaces of a model by clicking on "see list".

    4. Select the workspaces you want to migrate and select the new model you want to migrate them to from the drop-down menu below. Then simply click on "Migrate to model". Usually, each workspace appears twice here, a          "normal" and a "temporary" copy. The temporary workspace is the one you want in most cases - it is the latest working copy, so essentially what you see when entering the workspace. The normal workspace is actually the           last saved copy of the workspace (i.e. the last time you pressed SAVE in the workspace).

Migration tries to match node names, baselines, dimensions etc. to the new model - it works best, when the models are similar. Especially baselines names and dimensions should be the same! If the migration stops with an error message that is unclear - get in contact with us via the chat button. We are still working on making all migration-scenarios work!

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