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Locking and Unlocking of Projects

Basic Overview

  • Project admins can lock a project to finalize modeling in the creation process

  • Locking a project prevents any further changes from models

  • A locked project can only be changed from workspaces, ensuring an immutable base for calculations

Locking a Project

Locking a project is a useful measure for when the base data and model of a project have been finalized and you want to make sure that no accidental changes can be applied to it. By locking a project, you can ensure that your associates cannot change a project’s basis.

Project admins can lock a project by clicking the corresponding button in the admin UI under the projects' settings.

Only a project’s admin(s) can lock or unlock a project.

Effects of locking a Project

When a project is locked, most changes to it are prevented until the project is unlocked.

More specifically, models, dimensions, and data sources can no longer be changed in any way. This includes adding or deleting instances; doing so is not possible while a project is locked.

The only possible changes to a locked project can occur from a workspace. Creating and editing line-items, assumptions and scenarios is still possible when a project has been locked.

Limitations and Best Practices

Project Locking and Scenario Sharing

Users will be informed that a project is not locked when creating scenario assumptions. This is to prevent confusion; while the assumptions of shared scenarios cannot be changed, the underlying model to which they are applied could be unlocked and thus edited. This could lead to some sudden changes in the calculation results that might be hard to comprehend at first.

Working on a Project when it gets locked

If a project gets locked, there will be no notification about the locking to any of the users working on it. The locking will however appear in the project’s log data.

In some situations, a user might still be working on a project at the time it is getting locked; if this should occur, the user will soon start to receive error messages related to missing permissions.


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