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Assumption Properties and their Impacts

Learn how to manage Assumptions by structuring them with Properties and how to view Assumption Impacts.

The Scenario Manager is your central tool to manage Assumptions and build Scenarios. It is great to create your Assumptions and enter data, but can also be used to get a quick overview of all the Assumptions and their Impacts. In this article you will learn how to use Assumption Properties to structure Assumptions and how to view Assumption Impacts.

Assumption Properties

Assumption Properties are attributes you can define per Assumption. The set of Properties is completely customizable and has to be set up once by an administrator. Each Property defines a list of possible values that can be selected on the detail page for the respective Assumption.

More information about assumption properties and their configuration can be found in the respective article about assumption property configuration.

Assumption Impacts

Valsight automatically calculates the isolated Impact for each of your Assumptions and Line-Items. You can show this Impact for any Model Node in the Scenario Manager, after this setting has been activated once by an administrator. 

  • The Line-Item Impact shows a summary of the entered values (see the column 'Impact' in the example above). It is calculated by taking the delta between the Data Scenario without any Assumption and a Scenario that has only the respective Line-Item Assumption active. The Model Node that is used to calculate the delta varies and depends on the Assumption Line-Item — which Node is used is always indicated below the numbers in the Impact column. By default we use the Line-Item Node, however the Model can override this configuration individually per Node to describe the Impact with custom Operations, e.g. using a by-revenue weighted market growth instead of just an average of market growth percentages. The Line-Item Impacts are only calculated per Line-Item and can not be displayed on the Assumption level.

  • The Assumption Impact columns are shown as one column per Model Node and always describe the delta of the Assumption or Line-Item for a single Node (e.g. 'Net Income' in the example above). The effect of Line-Items is calculated individually for the Line-Item, the effect of an Assumption is calculated by activating all Line-Items of the Assumption. This effect is due to interactions between the Line-Items. At the very bottom, a sum is displayed that includes the individual effects of all Assumptions without interactions between the Assumptions. Assumptions that are not shown due to Filters are not included in the sum.

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