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Removed inVersion 3.6.0


Allows to map a level in a node to a different level, either in the same or a different hierarchy. This replaces the level (and its hierarchy) from which is mapped with the level (and its hierarchy) to which it is mapped. For example, when mapping from Business Entity to Country, you lose the business organization hierarchy and get the location hierarchy on Country level. If the mapping table contains other levels, these are used to apply the mapping accordingly. The node must at least have all levels from the mapping table, except for the to-Dimension. The factor allows to do splits and partial mappings. If you want a 1-to-1 mapping which keeps the measure fill the factor column with 1.


To create models where a certain share of revenue is transferred onto a consolidation item, you can easily map from the business entity to a consolidation or diff entity. Use EXPANDSINGLE afterwards, in case you need to re-add the from-level again.


MAP(NodeDataSourceDataTableFromColumnToColumn[, FactorColumn])


  • Node: Input node, specified using the node name in single quotes (e.g. 'Profit')
  • DataSource: Name of the DataSource which contains the mappingTable
  • DataTable: Name of the DataTable which contains the mapping information
  • FromColumn: Name of the DataTableColumn which contains the from side of the mapping
  • ToColumn: Name of the DataTableColumn which contains the to side of the mapping
  • FactorColumn: Name of the DataTableColumn which contains the factor used while mapping. If omitted, a factor of 1 is assumed for all entries.
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