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Parallel Access

Basic Overview

With the functionality of parallel access, Valsight enables users to:

  • work with multiple users in the same workspace without interfering with each other and creating ambiguous states

  • open the same workspace in multiple tabs while working with the same user

  • see which users are currently active in the same workspace

  • the folding/unfolding of assumptions, the search function and the hiding/showing of columns is not synced across users to enable a fluent collaboration with user a user specific Scenario Manager view


To avoid ambiguous states in a workspace, certain actions can only be done by one user/in one tab at a time.

These actions are:

  • Editing a line-item

    • A line-item is locked while a user is editing either the data or the details

    • Other users can enter the line-item in a read-only mode and are not able to edit anything until the other user exited the line-item again

  • Editing a chart

    • Like line-items, charts are locked while a user is editing a chart.

    • For charts, other users will be blocked to open the chart editor of a chart that is currently edited, but will receive a notification that someone else is currently editing the chart


  • It is recommended to only access the same workspace with a maximum of four users at the same time

  • Sheets can be deleted while other users are looking at these sheets.

    • Deleting line-items or charts while another user is editing them is not possible

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