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Backup & Recovery

 ON PREMISE This article applies only to Valsight On-Premise. Contact support for Cloud installations.


A complete backup of the application consists of:

  • Complete database
  • conf/ directory for the database configuration
  • Installation Files & License file

All user data is part of the database dump, Valsight does not store additional user files in its working directory.


To recover a previous backup:

  • Drop & recreate the database from the backup
  • restore the configuration
  • make sure that the installation matches the version of the backup and that the license file is in the right place




pg_dump es-rest-service | bzip2 -c > “backup.sql.bz2“


dropdb es-rest-service
createdb -O grails es-rest-service
bunzip –c backup.sql.bz2 | psql es-rest-service
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