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Release Notes 2.0

What's new

The 2.0 release introduces project spaces, all information for a specific project can now be collected in a project. That means major improvements when structuring access your models, because you can now separate access rights, dimensions, data sources and much more by projects. All current content is automatically migrated into a default project.

To ease the working with new models, you can now - at the top of each chart - step through the entire calculation for the data you see. 

New Features

  • ES-5681 Introduce Project Spaces
  • ES-5787 New Dimension Management Interface
  • ES-5929 Chart-Calculation Explanation Details
  • ES-4112 Default argument for ROLLFORWARD
  • ES-5753 New dialog to find the node for an assumption line item

Bug Fixes

  • Various bugfixes

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