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Release Notes 3.5.0

3.5.0 is a Long-term-Support Release, which will get security upgrades until  

The release adds imported scenarios, visualization of model dependencies, circular model references, project variables, images in dashboards and other new functionality.

Imported scenarios

Imported scenarios are fixed data points that are uploaded to a project. Their values are displayed exactly as uploaded and will not change. You can import data using XLSX upload and view it in your charts next to your standard scenarios. This allows to compare a dynamically calculated scenario with a scenario of a past planning cycle from another project.  Read more on the documentation about imported scenarios.

Visualization of model dependencies and circular dependencies

To make it easier to understand how the current model dependencies are set up, a new model graph allows to view a visual representation of the model structure. It shows you a visualisation of which model depends on which submodels. Additionally, it is now possible for two models to each be a submodel of the other, building a circular dependency. For example, model A can be a submodel of model B and model B can be a submodel of model A at the same time. This way you can access any nodes of model A in model B and vice versa.

Variables in node operations and time settings for projects

The project settings now allow you to centrally change time settings for the project. The active settings are now displayed in the header of the model editor and the workspace. Additionally, we added support for a system managed dimension for calendar months. To learn more read the documentation on project settings. The time settings can be used as variables in node operations. To learn more read the documentation on project variables.

Images in dashboards

Dashboards now support adding images. Learn how in the documentation for images in dashboards.

Additional Information

  • Sheets can now be edited, duplicated and deleted directly in the sheets tabs.
  • Access rights are now faster and easier to manage.
  • You can now omit the second and third argument in the IF function. It will return the data from the condition if it is true.
  • Performance improvements on data upload and XLSX export for charts.

Integrated Component Versions

  • AdoptOpenJDK: jdk8u222-b10
  • Jetty: 9.4.11.v20180605

Security Fixes

  • CVE-2018-10936: Fixed a security issue with PostgreSql connections. It was possible to configure the SSL connection in such a way that the hostname was not verified. This potentially allowed a man in the middle attack with any certificate signed by a trusted authority.

  • CVE-2018-17605: Fixed a directory traversal vulnerability where it was possible for a malicious user to access system files that were not part of the application, but on the same server.

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