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Release Notes 5.6.0

Valsight version 5.6.0 introduces a relaunched documentation, adds a new model validations state and implements a new function.

Documentation Relaunch

With this release, Valsight is publishing its new documentation.

The new documentation is not only a technical, but also a design upgrade.

With an improved layout and an advanced search function, users will now be able to navigate faster through the documentation.

The table of content displayed on the right-hand side of every page also allows for quicker in-page navigation.

Furthermore, the structure of the documentation itself, but also the pages in it will be constantly improved.

Software Links

All ?-icons within the software now automatically lead to the new documentation


Bookmarks should preferably be set to the new documentation. Still, all pages of the old documentation feature a redirect to the new documentation for some more months. That means that old bookmarks will still lead to the marked page.

Manual Model Validation

With the 5.6.0 release, a manual validation is added to the model editor.

Till this release, the model validation was triggered automatically.
That sometimes led to a state where, while actively modeling, a model could not be validated entirely.

With the manual model validation, the user is able to work on a model and then validate all made changes by triggering the validation.
When changes have been made without being validated, this is visually shown at the top of the screen via a blue exclamation mark icon.

To change the validation mode, click on the arrow next to the icon.

For more information about validations, but especially model validations in Valsight, please click here.



The FINDFIRST function is used when users need to find any first value in any given level of a node.


The FINDFIRST function is used to find the first values in a table in respect to a given level. If no level is given the function will automatically use the lowest level in the time dimension used by the node.


FINDFIRST(Node[, Level])


  • Node: Input node

  • Level: The name of the level to find the first values in respect to (see limitations for values allowed)


If any of the following limits are not followed, an error will occur:

  • If no level is provided and the node does not use the time dimension

  • The inputted level must be used by the entered node

  • The level to find can not be higher in the dimension than the level used in the node

    • E.g. if the node uses ‘Month’ the inputted level can not be ‘Year’

For more information about the formula and examples, please click here.

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