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Create one Excel Sheet for Multiple Data Nodes

This method is only compatible when using data Nodes in your Model. Starting with Version 1.19 (January 2018) we recommend to use only calculation Nodes with the DATA function.

Usually, the underlying concept for creating data tables is that the data of Worksheet is used for one Node in the Model – implying that one Node only references one excel sheet.

This is the case for most data tables. However, there is one way to create datatables in one Worksheet that contain the information for multiple Nodes. The layout of this data table is similar to the 2D Tables, however Column A now doesn‘t reference a Dimension anymore. 

Instead of defining a Dimension, type $Node into cell A1.

Then, fill the column with the names of the Nodes that you want to create a data entry for.

This approach will make your excel sheet more organized, as you don‘t have to create as many Worksheets. However, that would of course work, too. 

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