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Data Source Upload

Learn how to structure your data in the excel file so that it can be used in Valsight.

Go the the data management segment in Valsight by clicking on the grid icon on the left. A new data source can be created by selecting the "New Excel Data Source" from the + button in the upper right corner. An Excel file can be replaced through the "Replace File" button below an Excel data source.

Each excel sheet is loaded into an internal database table. Every data node or DATA function references exactly one excel sheet. Sheets that start with a number sign (#) are ignored. The first line of each sheet is interpreted as the header row and determines the column names of the resulting internal table. Valsight recognizes the formatting options of the cells in Excel, hence all structural information (labels, text, levels, level values) have to be formatted as "General" or "Text". On the other hand, all measures have to be formatted as "Number".

Data Structure - Best Practices

We recommend to split your data into two excel files, one to define dimensions and another one to upload data. You may create more than one data sheet, e.g. if there are different data sources, or very large data sheets that take long to load. When formatting your Excel sheets adhere to the Naming Guidelines for best results. Excel files are always uploaded in the data management section, which is linked from the "grid icon" in the left menu.

Create Hierarchies & Dimensions

See Dimension & Hierarchy Management for more information how to create hierarchies & dimensions. 

Upload Data & Formatting Data in your Excel Sheets


Create Standard Upload Tables 


Create a 2D/3D Data Table 

Normal upload tables, flexible number of levels, easy to understand.

Useful in situations where your data comes pre-formatted from legacy systems.

See Create Upload Tables

See Multidimensional Data Upload (2D/3D/4D Tables)

(lightbulb) Find examples at the Example Excel Sheets.

Further Information


Limitations & Data Sizing Guidelines

Predefined Keywords

Predefined Keywords

Create one Excel Sheet for Multiple Data Nodes

Create one Excel Sheet for Multiple Data Nodes (This upload method is not recommended for new models.)

Integration Scenarios

Of course, later on the integration of ERP Software is possible - get in contact with the Valsight Support team to evaluate your integration scenarios.


You may contact the Valsight Customer Support via:

+49 30 46799042

Availability: Mon-Fri *, 9 AM to 5 PM (Berlin, Germany) .

*Except Public holidays in Berlin, Germany.

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