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Structure and advantages due to the workflow feature

The workflow feature enables you to define a specific workflow with your individual created steps to achieve completion. In general this is useful to improve the structure of the tasks of involved employees, increase the commitment and gives you an better view of the whole picture. Especially for broad structures and hierarchies this comes in handy, as it gives you the opportunity to define area responsibility for each user in the workflow process. Due to the possibility to review and in case demote every step during the workflow the project and the diverse data input the management process is better to control. 

A detected Workflow is easy to add in Valsight. For a smooth implementation you should be aware of (e.g. Workflow: Forecast 1):

  • each step of the workflow (e.g. get forecast from minor entities).   

  • the authority and responsibility within the users for each step (e.g. minor entities submit and head entity reviews).

Once defined, the workflow can be started and discussed along the way. Workflows which are recurrent can be duplicated and used for the next iteration.

The ability to comment every step and the provided change history is a helpful tool for a subsequent documentation or an analysis by the management. 

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