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Line-Item Variants

Basic Overview

Line-item variants can be understood as different variations of a single line-item and are implemented in the Scenario Manager. 

They allow you to simulate scenarios based on the same line-item but with each line-item variant having modifications in data. 

The feature of line-item variants improves the clarity of the Scenario Manager and improves the usability of scenario simulations as it helps to group line-items. 

Maximum Variants per Line Item

The amount of variants per line-item is configurable in the Valsight settings > Settings under 'System' and 'featureFlags.maxvariantsLimitForLineItems'.

The default value is 20 variants per line-item.

Using Line-item Variants

Line-item variants are used in the Scenario Manager and can be created, edited, and deleted via the line-item settings. 

To create a line-item variant:

  1. Open the line-item a variant should be created for

  2. Click on the plus on the right side of the window

  3. Name your line-item variant

  4. Deleting a line-item variant can be done via the drop-down next to the variants name

To change the line-item variant or deactivate the line-item for a scenario, navigate to the line-item drop-down menu. Select either another line-item variant or 'Inactive' in case you want to deactivate the line-item.

Deleting variants

When a variant is activated in the Scenario Manager but gets deleted, the line-item will be deactivated for that scenario.

Line-Item Variants in the Workspace


A variant can be used to simulate a scenario based on the same line-item but with for example slightly adjusted data. 

Here, the same line-item is used for three scenarios but with adjusted data for each year.

Line-Item Configurations

Filters work on a line-item level. If you set a filter on a line-item, it applies to all variants of this line-item. 

Reconfigurations (e.g. filters, nodes) impact all line-item variants. 

When duplicating, sharing, or versioning a line-item, all variants are included. 

More information regarding the versioning of assumptions/line-items with variants can be found here.

Using sliders for line-items with more than one line-item variant is not possible. Click to learn more about Sliders. 


The Effects, Before-After, and Impact column cannot be used when a line-item has more than one line-item variant.

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