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Sharing Exports

With the introduction of the Export Manager, it is now possible to provide access to exports for other projects in the same Valsight instance. In this way, the target project(s) can directly access and import your exports as a data source, for example to duplicate your nodes and scenarios.

You can do this by checking the 'Share with other projects' box when creating an export.

Alternatively, you can share an export after it has been created using the Export Manager. Open the Export Settings using the three dots menu and navigate to the 'Edit Target Projects' tab. Activate the checkbox and select the desired projects you want to give access to this export.


Giving access to an export allows you to update it if you make any changes. The target project will be able to update the export to the latest version. You can create a new version after making changes to the model or scenario in the export manager. Click on an export to view the version history and click “add new version”.

If you only want to share one version, it is recommended that you create a separate export for it.

Importing Shared Exports

To import an export from another project that has been shared with the desired project, navigate to your project's Datasources. Create a new datasource from the External Project tab and fill in the form for your desired export.

  • Select the models that will have access to this new datasource.

  • Choose a name for the datasource

  • Select the desired project

  • Select the export

  • Select the desired version of the export (the latest version will be imported if left)

Note that you will need to ensure that the dimensions are the same between projects so that you can use the export in the target project without any problems.

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