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Versioning of Exports

The Export Manager allows you to version your export. This means, that when creating the first export for a scenario, we are creating an export for you along with its first version. The export and its versions share the given name, which can be changed at any time to a custom or different name. You can create a new version of an export at any time on an available export from within the Export Manager. Simply click on the three-dot menu of an export and click “Create new Version”. If no custom name is assigned, a custom name will be generated. It is recommended to add additional information about the version in the description.


Creating a New Version

To view the versions of an export simply click on an export to view the version history page. Here you can see a list of all available versions of an export, as well as delete and download them through the three-dot menu.


Export Version History

See also: Export Manager

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