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Install Valsight as a Windows Service

This article summarizes our recommended steps to run the Valsight Server application as a Windows Service. It is relevant for IT Administrators only.


  • You obtained a Valsight installation, and you can start it during your regular user session on the server
  • Recommended: The database connection is correctly configured in config.yml

Installing Valsight as Windows Service

Admin shell required

You need to execute the installer from an administrative command shell. It is highly recommended to avoid blanks/spaces in the path. Once you have installed the service, do not move or rename the folder.

To install, navigate to the Valsight install directory and follow the commands:

# Starting from the Valsight install directory, e.g. c:\valsight
# Make sure this is an admin cmd shell
cd windowsservice
cp valsightservice.xml.default valsightservice.xml
# Adapt the XML File, e.g. for more RAM or different JVM settings.

You may update the XML Configuration. Simply restart the service for the update to take effect.

Uninstall the Service


valsightservice.exe uninstall 

from the c:\valsight\windowsservice directory


We are using which is distributed under the Apache2 License. You may use another service wrapper to start the Valsight application.

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