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Release Notes 4.2.0

Valsight version 4.2.0 adds a "last changed" column, changes in user access management and includes a multitude of bug fixes. 

"Last changed" column 

Simulation projects now display a "Last changed" and a "Last changed by" column to provide transparent information about the latest activity and user. 


Recently worked-on projects are now easier to find by users and the feature provides the possibility to check if someone is still working on the project. 

Changes in user access management

The user access management now takes the type of the user into account (e.g. Modeler, Simulator, Unrestricted) when displaying the effective access right. A column with the user type has been added additionally to provide a transparent overview.  

To understand more about a specific access right click the cell to bring up a pop-up window with more information about the user's individual access rights.

Further explanation about access rights can be found on the site Project Rights.

Bug fixes

To improve the overall quality of the app a multitude of bugs has been fixed. 

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