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Release Notes 4.3.0

Valsight version 4.3.0 adds functionalities such as re-ordering assumptions in the scenario manager, sharing scenarios as an OData feed, a 'reset all' - button for the sliders in the scenario manager and a multitude of technical improvements.

Reordering assumptions

To make the scenario manager more intuitive in terms of reordering and relocating items in the scenario manager, the possibility to 'drag-and-drop' assumptions and line-items within the scenario manager is now available. 

That functionality comes with three options: 

1) reordering a line-item within the same assumption

2) relocating a line-item into another assumption

3) relocating an assumption

Exporting scenarios as OData feeds

In order to transfer scenario-data to third party systems such as MS Excel or other Power BI tools, exporting scenarios via an OData feed is now available.

That increases the usability and suitability of Valsight within the general software infrastructure not only on the import but now also on the export level. 

Further explanations can be found here

Resetting all sliders in a workspace

Resetting all sliders in the scenario manager is now possible.

In the case of multiple sliders to simulate various scenarios in Valsight, resetting all of them in one click provides advances in the ease of use. 

Technical improvements

To improve the overall quality of the app a multitude of technical aspects have been improved. 

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