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Release Notes 4.8.0

Valsight Version 4.8.0 adds new features to create custom project variables and the ability to overwrite scenario variables. 

Create custom project variables

With this version, Valsight introduces the ability to create custom project variables for a more flexible and individual adjustment of values in your project.

Variables can be used to centrally define values and use those in your models.

So far, the variables that could be used to set values for your models including the project horizon level, project horizon start, project horizon end and the current period.

With the new feature of custom variables, you as a user can define new values and use them in your model.

The new variable can easily be added via the project settings under 'Configure variables'. 

More information can be found here.

Overwrite scenario variables

With this feature, the (custom) created variables for your project can be overwritten directly via the scenario settings. 

A scenario can therefore be simulated based on different time values as you can overwrite the variable with the newly required value. 

More information can be found here.

Performance Improvements

To improve the overall performance of the app a multitude of technical aspects has been improved. 

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