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Release Notes 5.5.0

Valsight version 5.5.0 adds a read-only mode for models and two formulas.

Read-Only for Models

The read-only mode in the model editor enables admins to specifically give users permission to access models without being able to edit anything in the model and its logic.

  • Enables users to gain a better understanding of the driver tree, its logic, and dependencies

  • Prevents users from accidentally editing the model

  • Adds more configuration flexibility for admins to customize access rights based on user needs

Configuring the access rights can be done in the Valsight settings.

More information about access rights and what they mean can be found here.



The FINDMISSING formula enables users to find missing values within the data of a node compared to the data of another node.


The FINDMISSING formula is used to find missing values in your data while comparing two nodes against each other.
Dependent on the ‘Behavior’ input, the function finds missing Level Values in either of the nodes.
The shown result will contain '0' and '1' as values, marking the missing values with '1' and the existing values with '0'.


FINDMISSING(Node 1, Node 2, [Behavior])


  • Node 1: Input node

  • Node 2: Input node

  • Behavior: [optional] - indicates the leading node which is checked for missing values

    • Could be one of the following values: 

      • FIRST (set as default) - the first node is checked for missing values

      • SECOND - the second node is checked for missing values

      • BOTH - checks the combined data of node 1 and node 2 for missing values


  • In case the applied behavior is 'BOTH', all input must have the same dimensionality. 


The MOD function divides a number by a divisor and returns the remaining value as the result.


Modulo function - Returns the remainder value after performing a division operation between two nodes. The input values are ‘Number’, ‘Divisor’, as well as an optional validation option. If no validation is required, the same result can be achieved using the ‘%' symbol, e.g. ‘Number’ % 'Divisor’. The operation is performed along the linked levels between the nodes.


MOD(Number, Divisor, [Validation])


  • Number: Input node

  • Divisor: Input node

  • Validation: [optional] - Causes the node executing the function to error with a message explaining why if conditions are not met. Note that using validation can effect performance.

    • The following values can be used: 

      • NoValidation: Behaves the same as using the '%' symbol. The default option if no validation is specified.

      • FailOnMissingFirst: The calculation fails if any row in ‘Number’ is not matched with any row in ‘Divisor’.

      • FailOnMissingSecond: The calculation fails if any row in ‘Divisor’ is not matched with any row in ‘Number’.

      • FailOnMissing: Combines ‘FailOnMissingFirst’ and ‘FailOnMissingSecond’ validation options.


For this operation, the result of the division only returns whole numbers (0,1,2,3).

Further Improvements

  • Valsight added additional calculation validations. Therefore, models might be invalid after updating to 5.5.0

    • Error messages will be in place to help solve these invalidities

  • To improve the overall performance of the app, a multitude of technical aspects have been improved

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