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OData Link to the Always Latest Version

With the introduction of the Export Manager it is now possible to version your exports as well as the OData Link. An OData Link can be used to either import versioned data of an export or create a connection to a Valsight export which will re-upload the most recent version of an export whenever a new version is triggered.

OData on the Export (Dynamic)

Recommended if you wish to import the latest version of the export continuously.

To generate a link to an export which will continuously update to the most recent export version available in Valsight, generate a link on the export itself in the export overview. Simply search for or navigate to your desired export and click on the download button. Select “OData” as the option and copy the Link.


This link can now be used in external software to pull the latest version of this specific export, whenever a new version is created.

Please note, that if the latest version failed to export, the OData link will still work and import the latest successful version. This is to ensure no external models will break if an export failed for an unexpected reason.

OData on the Version (Static)

Recommended if you only wish to import data once.

To import a specific version of an export please navigate to the export version history page by clicking on the exports name. Select the desired version manually or by searching for the name, description, date created or the user which created the version. To get the OData link, click on the three-dot menu on the right of the selected version and select “Download as OData”. Copy the link and use it wherever you wish to import the data. As the version is saved, you can reuse the same link in different places to pull this specific version.


See also: Export Manager

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