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Release Notes 6.2.0

With Valsight 6.2.0, we're introducing a series of exciting updates to further enhance your data analysis and project management capabilities. This release focuses on improved data entry and collaboration methods, the introduction of the Export Manager and cross-project sharing, as well as numerous enhancements to charts, tables and the Model Editor, alongside various technical improvements and bug fixes. Some highlights include:

  • Manage and version your exports better with the new Export Manager

  • Increase cross-project collaboration by saving and sharing exports across projects

  • Introduction of pivotable line item data input, offering a more flexible way to edit and view data

Easy Exporting with the Export Manager

The Export Manager enhances your ability to download, version and manage your exports. You can check the status of exports in progress, return to them at a later date, create new versions with updated results and manage your export templates. Find out more here. Additionally, we have improved the consistency of export formats. For more details, see "Other Improvements."

Export Manager

Share Exports with Other Projects

With the introduction of the Export Manager we also introduce the ability to link projects and directly import exports as data sources from one project to another, streamlining data sharing and collaboration across teams. This allows you to import nodes and scenarios from other projects for a better cross-collaboration and data management. These shared exports can then be imported into other projects as a new datasource. Sharing Exports.

Data Sources > New Data Source

Pivoting the Line Item Data Table

Speed up data entry with pivotable views. View years in columns instead of rows, allowing you to copy and paste more formats into Valsight. Read more about the new line item view here.

Workspace > Scenario Manager > Line Item View

Faster Resetting of Sliders

Quickly reset all sliders at once or individually with the improved slider reset functionality. See here for full slider tile documentation.

Workspace > Slider Tile

New Formula: FACT

  • The new formula FACT(number) (short for factorial) lets you quickly returns the factorial of a number. Take a look here to see how to use it.

Other Improvements

  • Improved Scenario Exports: We've refined scenario exports for consistency. Now, column order remains consistent across updates:

    • Standard Columns: Always begins with RowNumber, Scenario, Model, Node.

    • Dimension Grouping: Levels are grouped by dimension and sorted alphabetically.

    • Level Sorting: Within each dimension, levels with the same name are organized from top to bottom (e.g., Year, Quarter, Month).

    • Measure Placement: Measure is consistently positioned at the end.

    This structure ensures stable and expected data output from version 6.2 onwards. Read more about the consistency of scenario exports here.

  • Fast Delete of Shared Scenarios: (Admin only) Easily delete all shared scenarios, versions of scenarios and versions of assumption with two clicks through the new delete shared scenario button in the Admin Interface.

  • Shortcut - Deselect Nodes: Work faster in the model editor. De-select single nodes with the CTRL button. No need to deselect everything anymore.

  • Chart Editor Improvements:

    • Formatting of cross products in charts & active state indication for filters in the chart editor for better visibility of applied filters.

    • Enhancements to chart refresh controls, providing users with the ability to manually refresh charts, ensuring the most up-to-date data is always displayed.

  • Adjustments to default column widths in the Scenario Manager, ensuring a better overview of scenario names and data.

For detailed information on these features and more, visit our documentation.

Happy Simulating!

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