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Supported Archiving Methods

ItemCloud CustomersOn-Premise Customers / Valsight Corporate Server

(tick) Online

(tick) Online

(tick) Offline

Entire Valsight Content

(tick) Automatically done for 1 yr.

(tick) Offline Database Backup

Online Archiving

Online archiving means to keep the project and all associated data in the instance, but revoke all access to the project, as outlined here: Project Rights.

Offline Archiving

Offline archiving means to export the project to a file. Please note that for a complete archive you need to keep the specific version of the Valsight server to import the project.

Cloud - Entire Content

Valsight keeps daily backups of your entire database for 1 year. Talk to our support to restore a specific backup.

On-Premise - Offline Database Backup

Refer to Backup & Recovery to setup an archiving scheme tailored to your needs.

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