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Install an Evaluation Version on Windows

The following document describes how to install an evaluation version of the product. In productive environments Valsight should be installed as a system service. See Install Valsight as a Windows Service.

For testing purposes, Valsight can be installed on any Windows 7 or later computer with at least 4 GB RAM (8 recommended).

Valsight ships with an integrated 64bit OpenJDK 1.8, hence no further installation should be necessary.

Unzip the ZIP file at a location without spaces, e.g. c:\valsight. In the \bin directory, a .bat file can be found - start it.

The application starts with a blank console window. The start takes a few minutes.

After the start, the application responds with "Grails application running on ..."

You can now point your browser to localhost:8080 (default) to access the application.

After logging in with the default admin:admin account, you need to provide a license file.

(lightbulb) The application runs with an integrated H2 SQL Database, all configuration is stored in the \db folder. To migrate content from an evaluation instance to a productive instance, use the export/import functions for the projects you want to migrate.

Backup of the POC Instance

Our recommendation to store a backup of the POC instance is as follows:

  1. Stop the Valsight server by closing the cmd-window (Important, otherwise the open database file canno tbe backed up correctly)
  2. Zip the entire Valsight folder (e.g. c:\valsight) by right-click, send to compressed folder. If the ZIP file cannot be written on c:\ Windows will ask to create the file on the desktop.
  3. Rename the file to contain the current date and time. (e.g. "")
  4. Store the file on a central file share to prevent data loss in case of hardware problems of the laptop

We recommend to take a daily backup during the evaluation phase.

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