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Update / Upgrade the installation

Follow these simple steps to keep the software up-to-date.

Database Backup

We always recommend to create a database backup before an application update. Updates can include database migrations. Although migrations are tested to the best of our knowledge, they always include the risk of a failing migration that results in an inconsistent database state.


  1. Download the installation zip file from the link provided by your Valsight support representative
  2. Stop the service
  3. Create a backup of the database and the application directory (See Backup & Recovery)


  1. Unzip the installation file of the new version in the same directory, overwriting existing files, except for the configuration 
     (/conf) directory.
  2. Windows Servers 
    : adapt the version number in  <your install dir>/windowsservice/windowsservice.xml.


  1. Start the application.
    1. (lightbulb) On the first start of a new version, the database is upgraded & migrated automatically - it may take a little longer than a regular start.
  2. Optional: Remove old rest-service-(old-version).war files from the <your install dir>/lib/ directory.


In case the application does not start after the upgrade double check the following:

  • Windows only: Have you updated the version number in the XML File
  • Does the log contain a message like: 
    ERROR o.s.boot.SpringApplication - Application startup failed
    liquibase.exception.LockException: Could not acquire change log lock. Currently locked by ...

    In this case, a failed startup has locked the database. Double check that no application (java) process is running anymore and then run the SQL command from  Resetting the Database CHANGELOGLOCK.

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