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Feature Deprecation

This page lists all features and functions that are deprecated and removed from Valsight. 

Removals of deprecated features will be announced via the Release Notes as soon as possible. 

Reasons for deprecations can be based on features no longer being up-to-date, not being a fit for Valsight any more, or reduced usage by customers.

In case of questions regarding deprecated and removed features and how to substitute these, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support at +49 30 46799042 or


Deprecation first announced

Removal Version

Scenario Manager Columns

  • The following columns in the Scenario Manager will be deprecated

    • Before/After

    • Impact


Feature Flags

  • featureFlags.theme

  • featureFlags.bridgeCombinedEffects

    • This feature.Flag has been used to set a default, but this has been moved to the new chart editor

  • featureFlags.defaultFlexChartFilterYearIds

  • featureFlags.visibleNumbersDisplay

  • featureFlags.workspaceSnapshotCopyrightNoticeFontColor

  • featureFlags.workspaceSnapshotLogo


Bridge Settings

  • The following bridge settings will be deprecated

    • Waterfall type settings

    • Primary display unit


FX Operation

  • This node formula has priorly been used for currency conversion

Release Notes 5.0.0


‘Save’ and ‘Discard’ Function

  • This function was used for saving and discarding changes in the Workspace

  • From now on, Workspaces will be saved automatically

Release Notes 5.3.0


Old functionality to update dimensionality via Excel

Release Notes 5.8.0


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