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Release Notes 5.0.0

Valsight Version 5.0.0 adds the ability to create Line-Item Variants in the Scenario Manager and includes performance & security improvements.

Line-Item Variants

Line-Item Variants can be used to create multiple versions of data for the same Assumption Line-Item in the Scenario Manager. Simulating Scenarios with small changes in the Line-Item data therefore no longer need another Line-Item to be created, but can be realized by another Variant that can then be selected via a drop-down menu in the overview. 

The possibility of multiple Variants for one Line-Item allows for a more compact overview in the Scenario Manager that is more structured and clearer to read. It reduces the number of Line-Items necessary for Simulations. By being able to change between up to 10 variants of a Line-Item, users will experience a more fluent and flexible flow while working with Valsight.

More information on Line-Item variants and how to use them can be found here.

Further Features and Improvements

  • Raw Chart data export to download unformatted Chart data for further automated processing.
  • Improved mapping of columns on data source import via ODATA / JDBC.
  • The FX functionality is deprecated and will be removed with version 5.0.1 Models still using the deprecated FX functionality might become invalid when upgrading to the next release. In case of questions, please do not hesitate to contact customer support at +49 30 46799042 or
  • We added further events for the secure statistic collection mechanisms to help us to create better features, improve existing functionality and identify and fix potential technical problems. You can find more information here.
  • Performance improvements and better accessibility with screen readers.
  • Security updates & fixes: e.g. we added an origin allowlist to prevent cross site web socket hijacking.

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