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Release Notes 3.6.0

Search in Scenario Manager

You can now search for rows in the scenario manager to find assumptions and line items faster. The search includes the name, description and also Assumption properties.

Copy & paste in model editor

Build models faster by copying nodes with Ctrl+C (+C on mac) and pasting them with Ctrl+V (+V on mac) on the keyboard.

ARIMA time series prediction

Forecasting becomes even more powerful with the new ARIMA function. Use historic data to forecast future trends including seasonality effects.

Comments in operations

Write comments in operations using the number sign (#) to document your work for others or remind yourself about what to do next.

More flexible configuration of scale and decimal places in charts

The scale size (Thousand, Million, Billion) and the decimal places (1.2, 1.23, 1.234,...) can now be configured more flexibly for each node. Find the "Manage Data Format Groups" Button in the inspector on the right side. 


  • Assumptions and line items can now be copied to other workspaces. Use "Duplicate" from the three dot action menu.
  • The Excel upload for dimension now supports deleting values and moving them to different parents (Read more).
  • The display language can now be changed by each user on their user profile to either "System-default", "English" or "German". "System-default" will use the setting that is set by the admin in Configuration > Settings > user language.

  • Password for JDBC data sources can be stored.

  • Workflows are now part of a project's export and will be restored upon import.

  • API key support to run scripts on systems using SAML or OpenID for authentication.
  • Improved performance for the validation of uploaded data sources.

Integrated Component Versions

  • AdoptOpenJDK: jdk8u222-b10
  • Jetty: 9.4.11.v20180605
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