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Release Notes 4.4.0

Valsight Version 4.4.0 adds the functionality of adding dimension levels directly in the application. Furthermore, the performance when sharing a screen via Microsoft Teams has been optimized. 

Creating dimension levels via form

So far, new levels in dimensions could only be added via an excel upload. Now users are able to add new rows/levels of dimensions directly in the application.

This not only enhances the usability of Valsight but also leads to a more fluent workflow when working with dimensions. 

Further information can be found here.

IF function & MOVINGAVG

Missing values in the IF operation used to be returned as 0 but have been changed to return no row at all. This change fixes some issues related to using the IF operation with the MOVINGAVG operation.

Secure Statistics Collection

Statistics about the usage of Valsight help us to create better features, improve existing functionality and identify and fix potential technical problems. In this update we added the ability to track the loading times of charts and a monthly user identifier to track monthly active users. The identifier changes each month for privacy reasons. Find more information here.

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