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Release Notes 4.7.0

Valsight Version 4.7.0 adds new features, as a standardized project creation process, a simplified data upload format for assumptions, a new aggregation setting, the ability for all users to generate API keys and an asynchronous workspace export.

Project Creation Process

With this version, Valsight introduces a standardized and simplified project creation process. 

This process involves 2 major steps where you as a user enter the name of the project, a business key, and a description.

After that, the process leads you to the second step where you can enter the time settings for your project and ultimately create the project. 

More information about this process can be found here

2D format upload

To support common financial data tables, Valsight Version 4.7.0 implements an additional data format for uploading data to assumptions. 

The data format has been implemented to simplify uploading processes, by moving the time dimension into columns.


More information can be found here.

LAST aggregation

With the LAST aggregation, Valsight adds an additional setting to the already existing aggregations settings of the software. 

The LAST aggregation can be used to aggregate data to the last data point of the data entered.

More information about this and other aggregation settings can be found here

API Keys for all user types

With this update, Valsight allows all users to generate and use API keys.

Admins can enable or disable the generation of API keys for all users. When enabled, all users can generate API keys to access their Valsight data. When disabled, only admins can generate or remove API keys. 

This can be done on their own profile page.


Please note that the current permission rights have not been changed. 

More information about this can be found here

Security Fixes

  • CVE-2021-21341: Fixed a potential issues with project imports and exports that enable denial of service attacks. (also see CVE-2021-21342, CVE-2021-21343, CVE-2021-21344, CVE-2021-21345, CVE-2021-21346, CVE-2021-21347, CVE-2021-21348, CVE-2021-21349, CVE-2021-21350, CVE-2021-21351, CVE-2021-21341, CVE-2021-21342, CVE-2021-21343, CVE-2021-21344, CVE-2021-21345, CVE-2021-21346, CVE-2021-21347, CVE-2021-21348, CVE-2021-21349, CVE-2021-21350, CVE-2021-21351)

  • CVE-2020-27223: Fixed a potential denial of service attack in the application server.

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