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Technical Release Notes

A comprehensive list of all technical information regarding new releases. Includes warnings, which usually have implications on existing models and settings, as well as general technical information.


LTS - Major


  • ACCESS RIGHTS CHANGE - API restriction - Only project admins have full access to the shared workspace. This has always been possible only via API, never through the front end. - LOW

  • NUMBER CHANGE - Change in system table “MONTH_LAST_DAY” - This change will fix values for the last day of December but will not apply automatically on deploy. It affects only new projects (excluding duplicate and import). To fix an existing project, change its time dimension by shrinking or expanding the horizon. - LOW

General Information:

  • There has been an update regarding the available OpenId Connect client authentication types. A new guide has been created to describe the steps needed to use this authentication type, and the general OIDC configuration page has been updated: oAuth 2.0 with Private Key JWT Client Authentication & 6.3.0 OpenID Connect Configuration.

  • The number formatting in the node data preview is now synchronized with the user language setting. Thus, numbers will be displayed as: 100.000,00 in German and 100,000.00 in English, matching the rest of the application.




  • DATA LOSS - Breaks compatibility with existing H2 databases - We upgraded H2 from version 1.4.200 to 2.2.224. These versions are not compatible. Users must migrate data manually before the application upgrade to avoid data loss. Note: From this release onwards, H2 is not supported across application upgrades, which may cause data loss if used for permanent storage. - TRIVIAL

  • CONFIGURATION CHANGE - Removal of feature flag featureFlags.job.pathFolderSystemExportedFiles - The feature flag ‘featureFlags.job.pathFolderSystemExportedFiles’ has been removed and replaced by the config YAML configuration value 'systemFlags.tempFileRootDirectory'. If a value was set for the removed feature flag, it must now be manually moved to the new setting. No automatic migration will occur. - TRIVIAL

  • ASSUMPTION GROUP CREATION - New assumption group called 'Szenario-Annahme' might appear in workspaces - Some workspaces had scenario assumptions active but not visible in the scenario manager. After deployment, such workspaces will display a new group with all previously invisible scenario assumptions. - TRIVIAL




  • NUMBER CHANGE - ROLLFORWARD_ADVANCED fix for gaps in input data when using an aging Level - There is a chance that numbers will change from ROLLFORWARD_ADVANCED calculations when using an aging Level where an input data Level value key does not exist within a specific rollforward iteration’s data after shifting. - HIGH



General Information:

  • Need to update the public-facing OIDC documentation regarding a new config value valsightOpenIdConnectProperties → userInfoEndpointScopes. See the internal documentation for details on OpenID Connect Configuration.






  • API REMOVAL - Removed API /v1/models/validateData - This API and all related tasks and helper functions in valsight-client have been removed. - LOW

  • CONFIGURATION CHANGE - config.yaml changes for SAML authentication - The config fields “valsightSamlProperties → name-id-format” and “valsightSamlProperties → signingAlgorithms → RSA” have been removed. - LOW

General Information:

  • Replace SAML with SAML Configuration.


LTS - Major


  • INFORMATION - Fixed group membership changes did not take immediate effect - If you remove (a) user(s) from a group, they will not lose their group permissions until they log out and log back in. - TRIVIAL

  • NUMBER CHANGE - Fix for ROLLFORWARD_ADVANCED when applying relative changes - When using ROLLFORWARD_ADVANCED in ADDITIVE mode, relative changes are now applied correctly. - TRIVIAL

  • NUMBER CHANGE - Fix for leaking number impact of boolean operations - This issue fixes a bug where values (rows) could leak into results if boolean operations did not match all inputs. - TRIVIAL

  • NUMBER CHANGE - Fix for horizon overrides for ROLLFORWARD_ADVANCED - This issue fixes a bug where ROLLFORWARD_ADVANCED calculations did not correctly account for horizon overrides. - TRIVIAL

  • INFORMATION - New E-Mail Verification Process - All details in sub-pages of 6.0.15 - New E-Mail Verification Process have been updated. - TRIVIAL

  • INFORMATION - No new metrics added or removed - There are no metrics added or removed, just some minor adjustments to existing ones. - TRIVIAL

  • CONFIGURATION CHANGE - Rename 'Reader' user type to 'Basic License' - This removes the user type ‘Reader’ and renames users with this type to ‘Basic License’. - TRIVIAL

  • INFO - Update user type pages - Update user type pages, because of ES-9209: Unify reader and analyst to basic license. - TRIVIAL

  • NUMBER CHANGE - Fix for rare case of missing ROLLFORWARD_ADVANCED rows - This fixes a rare case where certain rows that should be calculated with ROLLFORWARD_ADVANCED were missing. - TRIVIAL

  • FUNCTIONALITY CHANGE - Affects SHIFT, FILLMISSING, and other functions - Affects the following functions: SHIFT, FILLMISSING, and others related to rolling forward data. - TRIVIAL

  • FUNCTIONALITY CHANGE - Chart hierarchy totals - This affects charts that had hierarchy totals enabled, ensuring totals are now correct. - TRIVIAL

  • API RESTRICTION - Prevent API from changing chart measures - We have decided to prevent the API from changing chart measures directly. - TRIVIAL

  • MEASURE SCALE - Default scale of measures in all Scenarios - By default, the scale of measures within all Scenarios has been set to 1. - TRIVIAL

  • PERMISSION RESTRICTION - Disable creating dimensions via API - After the deploy, it will be impossible to create dimensions via API, enhancing security. - TRIVIAL

  • MIGRATION SCRIPT UPDATE - Updated version of migration script for dimensions - An updated version of the migration script for dimensions has been included in this release. - TRIVIAL

  • SHIFT FUNCTION UPDATE - Changes how SHIFT handles missing data - This changes numbers when you were using SHIFT in conjunction with missing data. - TRIVIAL

  • HORIZON GENERATION - Changes how horizons are generated on Week level - This changes how horizons are generated on Week level. - TRIVIAL

  • VALIDATION - Extra validation for NONSIM input types - Extra validation has been added to the NONSIM input types. - TRIVIAL

  • MIGRATION - Manual migration required for 6.0.X versions - This version contains a migration that needs to be run manually if upgrading from 6.0.X. - TRIVIAL

  • BUG FIX - Fix for rare ROLLFORWARD_ADVANCED edge cases - This fixes a rare issue when in some edge cases ROLLFORWARD_ADVANCED would not calculate correctly. - TRIVIAL

  • API INFORMATION - API details visible via front end - As all API information is also visible via the front end, no further changes are required. - TRIVIAL

  • GRAND TOTALS - Grand totals display for hierarchy charts - Behavior until now: if grand totals were active, they could be displayed incorrectly. - TRIVIAL

  • ACCESS LOG EXPANSION - Server access log readability - This simply makes the server access log more readable by including more details. - TRIVIAL

  • REMOVAL OF ROLLFORWARD RENAME MIGRATION - Applies only when upgrading from 6.0.X versions - Applies only when upgrading from 6.0.X versions, ensuring compatibility. - TRIVIAL

  • EXTERNAL URL REQUEST FIX - Fix for external URL request handling - By fixing this issue, the application will now handle external URL requests more efficiently. - TRIVIAL

  • YOY BRIDGE CONFIGURATION - Remove option for 2 scenarios in a YOY Bridge - This will cause all YOY bridges configured with more than one scenario to require reconfiguration. - MEDIUM

  • AUTO_DIMS REMOVAL - Remove AUTO_DIMS 1.0 - This issue removed support for modifying dimensions through AUTO_DIMS 1.0. - MEDIUM

  • XLS DATA SOURCE IMPORT UPDATE - Streamline XlsDataSourceImportService - This issue moves all dimension tables that were previously imported via XLS to be handled through a more streamlined process. - LOW

General Information:

  • Need to update the public-facing OIDC documentation regarding a new config value valsightOpenIdConnectProperties → userInfoEndpointScopes. See the internal documentation for details on OpenID Connect Configuration.

  • Update user type pages due to ES-9209: Unify reader and analyst to basic license.

  • Replace Mail Server with Mail Server Configuration


LTS - Major Release


  • EXCEL FORMAT CHANGE - Removed AUTO_DIM 1.0 - This issue removed support for modifying dimensions via data-source upload. Clients need to modify files that had the '= DIM[Dim,Level,1]' tags in them, or they will end up with DS columns with that name. - MEDIUM

  • BREAKS CALCULATIONS - DATA function break - This issue moves all dimension tables that were in user data sources into the system data source. This breaks DATA functions that used dimension tables. Users will need to manually adjust the DATA function to the System data source. Chance of occurring: very low. - LOW

  • NUMBER CHANGE - Potential number change - DataFrameKeyEntry equals method can return false when keys are equal. Chance of occurring: basically none. - LOW

  • CONFIGURATION CHANGE - SSO config.yml change - Replaced the functionality introduced in ES-11511: Open ID connect group sync prefix to allow for multiple prefix values for both OpenID connect and SAML. This involved changing the config.yaml configuration key for the functionality:

    • Old configuration key: spring → security → oauth2 → client → registration → openIdConnect → valsightOpenIdConnectProperties → requiredGroupNamePrefix

    • New configuration key: loginMethodConfigurations → commonSSOOptions → requiredGroupNamePrefixes

    • Any environment configured to use the old OpenId group name prefix filter will be required to reconfigure to use the new SSO wide group name prefixes filter. Note the old configuration key was a single string value while the new configuration key is a list. - MEDIUM

  • NUMBER CHANGE - Potential number change with OData scenario exports - OData exports of scenarios were not applying the overridden values of variables. Any existing OData export will now be changed to reflect their influence on node results. - HIGH

  • FILE DELETION - All job results are purged, regardless of the purge settings - All existing job result files need to be deleted because we changed the file format. - LOW

  • FUNCTION RENAME - Renamed the ROLLFORWARD functions - The existing ROLLFORWARD function is renamed to ROLLFORWARD_BASIC. The existing ROLLFORWARD_MUL function is renamed to ROLLFORWARD_MUL_BASIC. Upgrading to 6.0 requires modifying any node operations that contain the old names of the above functions to use the new ones. A new function named ROLLFORWARD that has different parameters and logic from the ROLLFORWARD_BASIC has been introduced. - HIGH

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